Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

by Silver Age

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released October 31, 2015

All Songs written and performed by Silver Age

Recorded and Mastered by Nick Ingram - Capital House Studios

Album Artwork by Steven Kline


all rights reserved



Silver Age Temperance, Michigan

We're a four-piece band from Southeast Michigan.


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Track Name: Solace
When you left me you tore me down
When you came back you thought that I would let you in
After everything that you had said to me
I'll have to let you know that won't happen

I search on my own for some source of solace
And close myself to everything but silence
Tell your so-called friends your arms were empty that night
Cause the air cleared out my head enough for me to know I was right

My heart sits on a table while it tries to mend
Without it I'm nothing but a flesh prison
Holding my mind captive within
While I sit and chafe in my own skin.
Track Name: Good For Nothing
You've turned your back already;
Now turn that smile into something that you deserve
You can walk into the wall and tell all your old friends that you're gone;
You know that they won't miss you
Don't ask me what I think of you, you know the answer comes in time
You can walk into the wall and tell all your old friends that you're gone;
You know that they won't miss you

What's going on?
You've turned into something that I'd never expect out of you
What you've become
Is more of a stranger and less of a friend I could lose
You're lonely; I'm stupid
I don't think I know you anymore
Leave this place with everything that you knew
Thanks for something. Good for nothing.

Can you imagine what it is like to be one of your old friends?
You're taking all those things you don't deserve;
You just preserve, you're so unsure
Walking in those streets at night "always knowing where you stand"
You can walk into the wall and tell all your old friends that you're gone;
I know I won't fucking miss you.
Track Name: Not Today
I don't know what to do anymore and I'm so sick and tired of being tired and sore.
Deprived of life, I've had enough of this-
running in circles with no place to go.

I'm sick and tired of living this way.
For the longest time, I made it out okay, but not today; I think it's time for some change.
I won't let this life get the best of me.

Sometimes I lay in my bed and think about life and everything it brings.
I think about how I feel, then realize loneliness is way too real.

I'm sick of stitching myself back together.
I'm tired from acting like I'm strong.
Track Name: Ruts
So here I am with this paper and pen
Dying on the inside, it happens time and time again
I gave out my heart slowly piece by piece
Just for you to rip it out and leave me down on my knees

We can't continue to live this life all alone
Though you were raised in sadness and a broke down home
The time will come just wait and see
You know now in the end that it should've been me

This rut that I'm in has become my home
I make friends with the voices that don't leave me alone
I gave it my all to try not to fall to hard on the sidewalk and lose it all
I gave you my heart, my soul, and my time
You just ripped it out so give me back what's really mine

The rut I was in made me feel at home, and the voices around made sure I never felt alone
Clearly I fell too hard to compare, take my advice I hope it leaves you aware.
Track Name: World Turned Blue
Your weight hangs on my heart and it's tearing me apart
The way you used to sing; the way life used to be
Back when it was you and me
You used to sing the songs now I'm singing this one for you
Living here for two, my world turned blue
And I still feel you

And when I close my eyes all I see is you
Wishing we could still sing and run just like we used to
Crawling back to my knees begging please to have that time back

Remember that time when you said "no way"
I proved you wrong when I said I'd stay
I laid at your bedside; I held your hand so tight
And we can still be together till the clock stopped ticking
And the hands of time take us to a better place
I miss that more than words can describe; no medicine can be prescribed

Time slips through these hands
That mend and make these memories
I can't see you the way I used to
A shade of blue; lost in the void of time
Come back to my life
This doesn't feel right.
Track Name: Growing Up
Take a step back and remember who you are
We came this far, why throw it all away?
You're the one who said goodbye
I stayed up all night wondering why
I never had these problems when I used to be young and alive

Growing up isn't as great as it may seem
These faces come and go
Why do they always leave?
It'd be nice if some would choose to stay
This is growing up; This is change

Every now and then I look in the mirror
and see that little kid that used to be so weird
Where did that time go?
I wish that I'd known
But now it's time to grow up and let it go.
Track Name: Negativity
Fake it everyday,
Force them out and choke on what I say.
Sick of all the songs I play.
Don't want to sit around and waste my days.

What the fuck am I to do?
Waste my days away or give in to you?
Does what I say mean anything to you?
Or am I nothing but a shade of grey?

I see the worst in everything,
But I try to see what you believe.

But I can't.
It's not easy to see.
It's not simple to believe,
And why care if it's just something that I'll never be?
I'm a liar, I'm a fake.
Bend my thoughts until my conscience breaks.
Positivity and make-believe.
What else can I even do for me?

This negativity is consuming me.

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